Friday, August 14, 2009

Inkheart Movie

As far as some movies go, I'm a little behind the times (for example, I still haven't seen the Golden compass or the second Narnia.)
But today, I sat down and watched the movie Inkheart. I don't think I've spoken before about the book Inkheart. It truly is a fantastic piece of fantasy literature. It is one of my favorite books. And the movie, I think, did a good job of portraying the book.
As it started out, I was immediately disappointed with the narrator in the beginning. Mercifully, said narrator doesn't return. A good movie from then on though.
The major changes come in at the end, to make it more cinematic and tie up loose ends. It doesn't set up for any sequels, but it would be possible if the producers wanted to make an adaptation of Inkspell.

EDIT: A quick Wikipedia search tells me that it was very successful (unlike Golden Compass) and Inkspell is in production.
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