Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twittering from a Wii

So. I have a Wii. I have a Twitter (two, actually.) And I wanted to combine them.
As some of you may know, I did just this for xingjournal, my Animal Crossing Experience blog. (most of you, however, probably don't know that)
Anyway. This guide will enable you to do just that.
Things needed:
  1. Twitter account
  2. Wii connected to the Internet
  3. Computer with Internet access
First: Setting up your Twittermail
Go to twittermail.com. TwitterMail is an extremely handy service that allows you to tweet from an email client. While not useful on a computer, it will prove essential to our goal.
Once there, enter your Twitter credentials. It will provide you with an email address in big letters, like this:
(well, obviously yours won't be blurred out.)
REMEMBER THIS ADDRESS. Write it down if you need to. If you DO forget it, you can go back to Twittermail and login to get it again.
Look at Twittermail's options. Make sure that "Only the body" is selected under the heading "What part should we send to Twitter?" I would also recommend the last option, as it will allow you to post pictures from your Wii as well.

Second: Configuring the Wii
Make like you're going to add a Wii friend (Wii Message Board - Create Message - Address Book - Register) and select "Others." Enter the email address you received above. At this point, Twittermail will post a Tweet revealing your Wii console address, but don't worry! No one can send malicious messages to you without you having registered them. Just delete the Tweet.

Third: Wiimail Link
Before now, this step was an ugly hack involving Telnet, raw SMTP, and uncertainty. But I wrote a program to remedy all of that. It's Windows only, and I think you need Windows XP.
Download and unzip.
3 Easy steps to using this program:
  1. Type in your Wii Console ID (found in your address book) with no hyphens or spaces
  2. Type in your Twittermail email address in the second box
  3. Click "Link me!"
The linking process takes a while, and I can't fix that, but when it's done it will tell you. Now, all you do is wait for your Wii to receive the message on its message board!

Congratulations! You're now able to send game screenshots, messages and more to Twitter from your Wii!
I use it for updating my Animal Crossing twitter. (xingjournal)
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